CNC RE Design




Manufacture of Wood and Metal Furniture

RE Design has facilities equipped with Metalworking and Woodworking appropriate for the manufacture of custom-made furniture

Through Computer Numerical Control systems (CNC) we have been able to create the most varied types of wood shapes, guaranteeing original designs and superior quality

We have a sanding chamber and paint chamber that guarantee the best finishing on delicate surfaces


Manufacturing, Transportation and Assembly

We have vehicles and teams specialized in the assembly of commercial spaces that cover a radius of influence of 2000 km and guarantee the rigour and quality of the final product

We perform shopfitting for chain stores and brands


Designing Commercial Spaces

We have a technical office that recognizes the space to be decorated and develops original projects, tailored to the client desires, interconnecting the various specialities and actors in the project

We take “Turn-key” projects where we coordinate the work with rigour from start to finish


Supply of Exhibition Systems and Accessories

We have created exposure systems based on the customer’s intended load and use

We supply all kinds of accessories for display systems


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